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Single Men Need To Up Their Game Or Be Lonely Says US Psychologist

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

01:02 16 Aug 2022

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Single straight men need to up their game in the new age of dating or risk being left lonely.

That's according to a couples psychologist in the US, Dr. Greg Mato, who has written an article for Psychology Today.

He says single men need to address their relationship shortcomings because women are becoming increasingly selective.

Matchmaker Mairead Lockman says that makes sense because times have changed even from one generation to the next:

"I think society has changed a little even within one generation."

"So if we look at it, when a lot of working people today - when they were growing up - their mum was maybe a stay at home mother."

"She wasn't out working or anything you know."

"So society and the way people date, how they choose their partner, is completely different."

"Now women tend to be a bit more financially secure and independent, so what they're looking for in a partner is just slightly different."

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