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Report Recommneds "Zero-Tolerance" Policy Needed To Stop Mistreatment Of Children By Gardaí

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A Policing Authority Study says the mistreatment of children by Gardaí must be addressed "as a matter of urgency".

Of the twenty children interviewed for the UCC study, eight spontaneously brought up instances of ill-treatment and assault by Gardaí.

One child said two gardaí "came on top of" them in a cell and one officer "stuck their knee" to the child's head.

Another minor told researchers they witnessed a friend receiving a "punch in the face" off a Garda.

While a third said officer "smashed" their head off the floor of a Garda station.

Professor Ursula Kilkelly was the co-principal investigator in the research.

She says early negative experiences impact people’s attitudes towards Gardaí for years.

"The fairness and care with which they're treated really does have a long lasting impact on their relationship with police."

"That relationship endured beyond them into their peer group."

"It can go into their families and into their communities," she added.

Report Recommends Standardised Specialised Interview Training

Meanwhile, the report also recommends a clear policy for interviewing child suspects.

One Garda admitted to researchers that they take the same approach to questioning a minor as they would an adult.

Prof Kilkelly says specialist training should become mainstream in the force.

The Policing Authority and the Garda Commissioner will discuss the report tomorrow tomorrow.



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