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Paying Under 20s Below Minimum Wage Is "Highly Discriminatory" - Union

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

02:30 11 Jan 2023

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Young people being paid below the minimum wage is leading to students working extra-hours to afford their education.

That's according to the Union of Students in Ireland, which is supporting calls for those under 20 to receive the national minimum wage.

Is it right for your wage to be determined by your age?

Well at the moment in Ireland, people under the age of 20 can be paid less than the National Minimum wage rate of €11.30 per hour.

And yes - Even if they're doing the exact same job as their older work colleague.

Janice is one of the many people paid below the national rate.

She took took on extra shifts in a factory to pay for her education.

"Definitely in jobs where there's manual labour involved, because you're physically exerting yourself, 100 percent the minimum wage should be increased for everyone."

Ross Boyd U-S-I Vice President for Campaigns says working extra hours puts major pressure on young people.

"Education should be a right."

"It shouldn't be that people have to work extra hours to attain that right."

Spin's Business Editor Joe Lynam explains whether this is unique to Ireland.

"Across the water in the UK this has been the practice for decades."

He says the logic there is that young people, who are just out of school, need training and "simply lack the experience."

The initial call for the abolition of the sub minimum wage rate was made by trade Union Mandate.

It's called the practice "highly discriminatory".

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