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'Meat And Two Veg' Is Ireland's Favourite Evening Meal

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Seventy percent of Irish people eat their evening meal in front of a device.

A study carried out by Bord Bia and Red C has also found that a dinner of meat and two veg remains the favourite.


Pasta with sauce, chicken and steak are some of the foods making it into the top ten list of favourites for Irish people.

For children, spaghetti bolognese tops the list.

Over one in four evening meals in Ireland contain potatoes, while mainly under 35s are opting for more eggs in their evening meals with one in 10 going for more protein.

Researchers have said the study has shown there is no one size fits all approach to what people are eating.

Three-quarters of people try to buy Irish where possible while 10% of people think that it means they will be paying more in the shop.

Chinese food is the most popular takeaway choice, while seven out of 10 orders are now made online.

With the most popular night for a takeaway on Friday or Saturday.

Grace Binchy is a trends specialist with Bord Bia, she says the trend of people using a device while eating isn't new, "it's not unusual that devices are on in the home.

"For many years, if we go back in time people often had the radio on. At 6 o'clock we had the angelus, and then the 6 o'clock news. Now we have multiple devices."

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