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McDonald's Store In The US Is Hiring 14 And 15-Year-Olds

Jonathan Byrne
Jonathan Byrne

12:27 2 Sep 2021

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They're starting them young in Medford, Oregon.

Do you have a friend, or family member, or someone you know who's 14 or 15?

Could you picture them making a Big Mac or taking your order in the Drive-Thru?

Well, teens in the US State of Oregon won't be picturing that, they'll actually be doing it.

A McDonald's store in Oregan has erected a banner saying "Now Hiring 14 and 15-year-olds."

They are still practically children, but it is fully legal in the State.

As long as the work schedule doesn't interfere with school hours, that is.

The restaurant says the store has had staffing issues for awhile now.

The owner claims they got 25 applications in two weeks of putting up the banner.

"They get the technology. They catch on really quickly," boss Heather Coleman says.

I wonder how many TikToks will be made in that store.

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