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Maltesers Launch Box Of Teasers

SPIN 1038
SPIN 1038

11:02 31 Jan 2017

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Chocolate lovers, this one's for you. 

Today is the last day of January, which practically means you can quit pretending you're still on that 'clean eating new year new me' buzz - and pig out! 

Over the Christmas holidays, no doubt the tins of chocolates were flowing. If the Maltesers ones are your faves, well prepare for your Tuesday to get a whole lot better.

There's now boxes of just the Maltesers Teasers - so now you don't have to go through all of the others. Bliss! 

At the moment they have only been spotted in the UK, but Maltesers have confirmed that they have been sent to warehouses and they aren't sure exactly all of the local places selling them. 

Keep your eyes peeled! Now, we wait...

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