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HSE Says Portugal's Decriminalization Of Drugs Can't Be Done Here

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

01:15 19 Jan 2022

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The government says Portugal’s move to decriminalise drugs "isn’t compatible" with Ireland’s legal system.

It comes amid claims the government is still pursuing a failed "war on drugs".

Portugal’s approach to drugs has long been held up as the gold standard for Ireland to follow by those in favour of a decriminalization policy here in Ireland.

The country decriminalized all drugs in 2001, meaning those caught with small amounts of narcotics for personal use aren’t prosecuted.

Since then overdoses, HIV infection and drug-related crime have all fallen dramatically.

But HSE national clinical addiction lead Eamon Keenan says this can’t be done in Ireland.

This led to claims Ireland is still pursuing a war on drugs policy.

Speaking with junior health minister Frank Feighan, Independent senator Lynn Ruane says this approach has failed.

Ruane made the point that this policy  would ''not normalise drug taking but attempts not to marginalise those who take drugs in our society''.

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