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"Have A Heart" - Leo Varadkar Appeals To Businesses To Allow Staff Get Jabbed


06:11 22 Jul 2021

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Leo Varadkar has urged businesses to "have a heart" when it comes to allowing employees time off to get their vaccine.

He also says people need to "name and shame" employers that are docking pay or making workers pay back time.

It follows multiple reports of people being docked wages for the time they took to get vaccinated.

"Have A Heart Basically"

TΓ‘naiste Leo Varadkar says that shouldn't be happening:

"You know you should really be letting your employees get their vaccine, and not dock wages for that."

He says it's different when people get the call a few weeks in advance, and managers can adjust shifts to make up.

However, he says, "where they get an appointment very quickly, and that is happening now, you really should facilitate them."

He ended by saying, "have a heart basically."


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