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Grab The Raincoat... A Wet Week Lies Ahead

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08:10 1 Feb 2017

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Ireland has escaped much of the bad weather this winter, however don't go thinking we got away that easy. The rest of this week is due to be a washout.

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Today will start off mainly dry with some bright or sunny spells, however rain will spread over the whole country this afternoon and evening. It will stay mild, with temperatures reaching between 8 to 11 degrees.

Another band of showers will develop in Munster before midnight and will spread to all areas with strengthening winds.

Thursday morning will be wet and blustery, with rain in all areas. The afternoon and evening will bring heavy showers, while the winds will become strong, reaching gale force at times. 

Thursday night will continue windy with heavy showers and strong, gusty winds.

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