Four Years In Jail For Man Who...

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Four Years In Jail For Man Who Raped Friend At Her Home

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

05:15 24 Nov 2021

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A young man who raped his friend after she let him stay over in her house after a night’s drinking has been jailed for four years.

The man, who can’t be named to protect her identity, text her the following day asking if they could put it down to alcohol.

Some readers may find this report distressing.

The two friends were drinking in hers on the night in question.

When she decided to go to bed, she agreed to let him sleep on her couch.

Not long after she got into her bed, the court heard he followed her upstairs and started to kiss and undress her. 

While she was initially afraid to stop him because of his strength and her fear of “what he might do,” she said she eventually told him to stop. And he did.

However, she said she later woke up to find him having sex with her.

She said she was shocked.

He texted her the next day to say sorry and asked if they could put what happened down to alcohol. He suggested they be, “maybe a little more sober next time”

She replied to say there wouldn’t be a next time and told him she repeatedly said no the night before.

The judge was told the suggestion she had consented made her “physically sick”.

After pleading guilty to rape, the man, who’s now 25, was jailed for four years.

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