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Finland & Sweden Announce Wish To Join NATO

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

01:46 16 May 2022

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Russia says plans by Finland and Sweden to join NATO are a mistake.

Finland's government has announced it intends to join the military alliance with Sweden set to do the same.

Finnish Member of Parliament, Elina Valtonen, explains what comes next, today the Finnish parliament are discussing the issue and will vote on the topic either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Valtonen declared ''Time is Now'' for Finland to join Nato.

Finland and Sweden both announced yesterday that they wish to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Becoming a member would bring the military alliance up to Finland's 830-mile border with Russia, however, Finland's parliament must first ratify the decision.

The time is at hand to join NATO, that's according to the Swedish Prime Minister.

Magdalena Anderson the state premier made the announcement yesterday evening.

Currently the topic is being discussed in the Swedish Houses of Parliament and expected to get majority support.

Irish Journalist based in Sweden, Philip O'Connor, explains what effect Russia's invasion of Ukraine had on Swedes, he said all of a sudden the man and woman in the street were in favour of joining NATO and this was a direct result of the Kremlin's aggressive action.

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