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Draught Guinness Is Now Vegan Friendly

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04:43 1 May 2017

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Great news for vegans, Guinness is now vegan-friendly! 

According to reports, for the first time in the drink's 256 year history, the famous Irish beverage has stopped using fish bladders in its filters. 

Guinness have released a statement saying 'The first stage of the roll out of the new filtration system concentrated on Guinness Draught in kegs. The brewery is delighted to confirm that this phase of the project is complete and all Guinness Draught produced in keg format at St. James’s Gate Brewery and served in pubs, bars and restaurants around the world, is brewed without using isinglass to filter the beer.'

Isinglass is used to filter out some unnecessary yeast in beers and wine during the brewing process. 

However, this new vegan-friendly rule only applies to Guinness from a keg. Cans and bottles still use the other filtration process. 

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