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Couples Should Pick An "Exit Strategy" To Take A Time Out At Christmas Gatherings

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

01:22 12 Dec 2022

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Couples should pick a 'safe word' this Christmas to escape family events that are a bit much.

A silent night might be the best case scenario for some couples this Christmas.

But a hectic few weeks could place a strain on your relationship.

"Perfect" Christmas

Clinical Psychotherapist, Stephanie Regan, gives an example:

Stephanie says people carry an "inner template" of what they think a perfect Christmas means.

"They're usually trying to re-create, or perhaps avoid, something from their childhood."

Stressy Moments

So what is the most stressful thing about being in a relationship at this time of year?

Some people on the streets told Spin they think buying presents is the hardest thing.

One woman said it gets on her nerves when her partner isn't doing what he's supposed to be.

"But he's not too bad, I have to say," she quickly added.

Exit Strategy - GO GO GO!

Relationships Coach, David Kavanagh, says a timeout in certain circumstances could be crucial:

"An exit strategy or a code word, that they can just flag between them."

David says this is to give the other partner a "sense of, this person knows I'm upset, we're going to leave soon and everything's going to be okay."

Whatever unfolds, many will be hoping it's not their 'last Christmas' together.

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