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Calorie Stickers On Stairs In Tallaght Hospital Sparks Debate

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

11:17 20 Jan 2022

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Calorie stickers on the stairs of a children's ward at Tallaght Hospital in Dublin have prompted concern.

The image of the stickers that contain the number of calories burned on the steps has gone viral.

They were installed as a means of encouraging not just patients but staff and anyone attending the hospital to take the stairs but an image circulated on social media and twitter has sparked outrage.

Many people think it is unfair to put the idea of calories into a young person's mind and may affect the way they view food in the future.

On the other hand many twitter accounts commenting on the photo were of the opinion that it is a simple environment design change that encourages people in the ward to take the healthier option of the stairs.

Jacqueline Campion is an Eating Distress Practitioner and Nutritional Advisor at Marino Therapy Centre and thinks that the calorie stickers may cause patients who are being monitored for blood pressure or are in a bigger body to feel shame if they don't take the stairs.

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