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Anti-Social Behaviour Clamp Down Underway


02:13 9 May 2021

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Gardai plan to deploy full public order units on weekends across Dublin over the next two months.


The Sunday Independent reports the increased patrols comes after a spike in anti-social behaviour.


Locals in Malahide have had growing concerns of the amount of anti-social behaviour recently involving groups of young people, there has been a call to action from the public in response to this increase.


Footage of a recent brawl between two gangs of youths in the Dublin seaside town has been circulating on social media showing clearly shocked onlookers.


Irish Rail is also cracking down on anti-social behaviour this summer - with the introduction of on-the-spot fines.


Loitering, trespassing and aggressive behaviour will be punishable with 100 euro fixed penalties.

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