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Almost 7 In Ten Female Politicians Have Been Harassed In Public

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

12:55 23 Sep 2021

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Almost 70% of female TDs and Senators have been verbally harassed on the street.

A new survey of 33 female members of the Oireachtas outlines how many don't feel safe walking alone at night.

Junior Minister Josepha Madigan, who recently spoke out about being a survivor of sexual assault.

"I dont want to live in a society where we have to mandate something like self defence classes for every single female, for us to feel safe."

She continued:

"For me the key to this really is about prevention.

I think we need to look more at the root causes."

67% Verbally Harassed

Of the 33 female politicians that responded to the survey, 5 admitted they had been attacked.

67 per cent have been verbally harassed, while 82 per cent have received unwanted attention from a stranger.

Green Party Senator Roisin Garvey says we need to be more proactive in tackling the issue.

"I have friends who give workshops on consent."

"But they find it very hard to get into schools before 4th year."

"They need to be getting in at 5th or 6th class."

Fianna Fáil Senator Erin McGreehan

70% Don't Feel Safe Walking At Night

Erin McGreehan Fianna Fail Senator says men need to take more responsibility.

"It is not our fault that we're potential victims."

"It is their fault that they're potential criminals."

7 in 10 female representatives say they donut feel sage walking home alone at night.

While 3 in 10 say they would never risk it.

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