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A Record 612 People Are Waiting For A Hospital Bed Today

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01:03 3 Jan 2017

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The Irish Nurses and Midwaves Organisation has described the situation in the emergency departments today as "truly shocking".

There's a record 612 people waiting on trollies and in wards in the ED's across the country according to the union.

The INMO has also revealed there was almost 94 thousand patients on trolleys last year, which is also a new record.

Back in 2007, 50 thousand people were admitted on trollies, which resulted in a 'National Emergency' being declared.

The General Secretary of the INMO, Liam Doran, spoke earlier this morning:

"612 patients, admitted for care, for whom there is no bed, is a truly shocking figure. The compromising of care, not to mention the loss of privacy and dignity, cannot go unchallenged and must be acknowledged and addressed by health management.

"We cannot allow this to become just another statistic and it must result in a fundamentally new approach to our health system as overcrowding, as the 2016 figures confirm, continues to grow.

"The stark reality is that in 2007, after it was declared a ‘National Emergency’, the number of patients on trolleys was recorded as 50,402. However, in 2016 this has increased by 86% to 93,621.

“An emergency response is now required and this must be forthcoming, from health management, immediately."

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