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A Formula One Race Was Proposed For Ireland 30 Years Ago

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Proposals for Ireland to host its own Formula One race were pitched to the Government 30 years ago.

A detailed plan for the Dublin Inner City Formula One Grand Prix was sent to the Government in September 1992.

The details were found in a confidential government note, which has just been published.

The target was that Dublin would host a Formula One World Championship Race within three years.

It was estimated that the race would bring in over thirty million punts in revenue and attract 30,000 tourists.

While over sixty million people across the globe would watch the race on television.

The circuit proposed would have been located around Fairview Park, while taking in the likes of East Wall and the Howth Road areas.

The detailed plan, which was sent to the then Taoiseach, Albert Reynolds, and various government departments, was almost forty pages long.

However, unfortunately for motorsports fans, as we now know, the proposals never saw the light of day.

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