70% Of Dubs Are In Favour Of M...

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70% Of Dubs Are In Favour Of More Cycle Lanes

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

04:19 19 May 2022

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7 in 10 people in Dublin are in favour of more segregated cycle tracks even if it means less room for other traffic.

The latest Walking and Cycling Index for the Dublin Metropolitan area found a quarter of residents cycle at least one day a week.

64 per cent of people walk at least five days a week.

Caroline Bloomfield from Sustrans, who compiled the report, says walkers and cyclists are helping cut down pollution;

This is especially pertinent this week as the Secretary-General of the UN warns that ''We must end fossil fuel pollution and accelerate the renewable energy transition, before we incinerate our only home''.

Bloomfield pointed out that if all the people in Dublin who walk and cycle used cars that would mean an extra 330,000 vehicles on the roads of the capital.

The author of the report mentioned how walking costs nothing but that cycling is also very cost effective as a mode of transport.

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