5 Times Irish Mammies Were Abs...

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5 Times Irish Mammies Were Absolutely Gas

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SPIN 1038

04:59 23 Mar 2017

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Irish Mammies are icons, whether they like it or not. The way they worry, their words of advice, they’re obsessions with wanting to forever cook your dinner…we could go on.

Many an Irish Mammy has become a viral sensation overnight, and with good reason. Whether they’re giving out about uneaten dinners or trying to help with the Leaving Cert study, we can’t get enough of them.

Here are some of our favourite Irish Mammy videos of all time!


The Exasperated Mammy - "CÁ BHFUIL TÚ I DO CHÓNAÍ ROBERT"


The Mammy v The Bee - "Isn't he so bold"


The Christmas Is Ruined Mammy - "I THOUGHT OF THAT AT MASS"


The Stuck Mammy - "Pull out that leg, QUICK"


The Virtual Reality Mammy - "Oh Jesus Christ Almighty"

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