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2017 Kicks Off With Awful But Hilarious Quiz Show Answer

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SPIN 1038

12:00 3 Jan 2017

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One poor girl may have just ruined her friendship with her bestie!

It's because she gave possibly one of the funniest and most incorrect answers ever seen on the game show Pointless.

The category was "Countries whose final 2 letters are consonants", and for those of you not familiar with the concept of the game, you have to find the most obscure answers that nobody else would think of.

So answers like 'Ireland' would probably score quite high, when you want to score low.

Anyway, the question came to best friends Mariam and Sarah, with the latter giving a completely wrong answer:

Firstly, I think we know by now that Paris isn't a country. Even if it was, 'i' is a vowel. So it was wrong anyway.

Secondly, look at the reaction of Mariam!!


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