14 Pubs In Dublin Close For Go...

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14 Pubs In Dublin Close For Good


03:17 4 Sep 2021

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At least 14 pubs have closed for good in Dublin due to Covid-19 restrictions, according to the Licensed Vintners Association.


They say "there's no doubt" a lot more have also met a similar fate across the country.


Pubs partially reopened in July as part of the gradual reopening of the hospitality sector.


The Licensed Vintners Association says the impact of the pandemic on the hospitality sector won't be known until restrictions are fully eased.


17% of licensed premises in Ireland are still closed awaiting the full easing of restrictions on October 22nd.


Not being allowed to trade past 11.30pm means nightclubs and late bars cannot operate at all until this date.


CEO of the LVA, Donal O'Keeffe, says some will never reopen:


"I think the 22nd of October becomes the magic date to know who's staying closed permanently and who's  reopening, but there is no doubt that nationally, including in Dublin, that there are pubs that will not reopen."


Doyle's Corner | Party Venue | Phibsborough Doyle's Corner in Phibsborough, one of Ronan Flood's establishments.


Pubs and Restaurants that have been able to operate at some capacity have reveled in the chance to do business, but say they're not out of the woods just yet.


The main issue for them is a shortage in staff.


Ronan Flood, who owns three pubs in Dublin says staffing is their number one issue:


"I for example had a manager that would have been with me from the very start, eight years ago. He came to me after the lockdown and said look Ronan I've enjoyed my time off with my family, I have my weekends off and I can't deal with the public anymore, I'm going to work in an office.  And that's the situation we're in."


Not only are former staff seeking a change of pace, but the reliance on foreign nationals working in Irish pubs means many former staff members are no longer in the country.


"A lot of foreign staff have gone back to their respective countries, and a lot have not returned just yet," Ronan said, continuing, "Certainly when they do, we will welcome them with open arms."


While this may be remedied once restrictions ease and travel ramps back up again in Europe, the demand for staff is likely to continue.


According to some, this is not a total negative, as employees will now be able to have their pick of employers, meaning the pressure will be on employers to offer good wages and working conditions.


"Progressive businesses will invest significantly more in their staff in terms of training and development, and in terms of the working environment," says Donal O'Keeffe, adding, "I do think the best staff will gravitate to the best employers, it will up standards across the board."

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