Niall Horan Misses 'The Madnes...


Niall Horan Misses 'The Madness' Of One Direction Touring

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

01:24 12 Jun 2023

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A reunion isn't off the cards yet...

Niall Horan has said he does 'miss the madness' of his One Direction days.

He joined Ed Smyth on the Recorded History GoLoud podcast, where Ed asked him about his three favourite albums.

While discussing songwriting, Niall explained how his experiences recording albums solo versus with One Direction differed.

It turns out, One Direction recorded parts of their albums in their hotel rooms while touring.

"I do miss the madness of it," he told Ed.

"There would be mattresses from the bed against the walls... recording trumpet parts at Langham Hotel in Chicago one time."

"Setting up shop, and doing shows and coming back [to record with] some of the greatest views out windows."

Niall said that recording pieces of songs in hotels during their downtime was "a fun way of doing it."

"When there's nothing going on during the day before soundcheck, you'd just be sitting there having the craic, writing this, singing that part, doing harmonies.

"I do miss that madness, like the bittiness of it. It was a bit all over the place."


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Niall said that it's a "very different situation" when it comes to recording his solo albums. His latest album, The Show, came out on June 9th and he wrote the title track alone during the pandemic.

"I tend to do a lot of the ballads alone. I find it very hard to write a song at tempo on my own.

"I have to be in a room with someone jamming with me. That's where I struggled with the pandemic."

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