Niall Horan Drops Brand New Tr...


Niall Horan Drops Brand New Track & Announces Album Title & Release Date


08:54 7 Feb 2020

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Niall Horan drops new music

Niall Horan has dropped a brand new track and he's announced the release date of his new album Heartbreak Weather.

The singer's been teasing us with the pending release of new music for what feels like ages now.

And the time has finally come! - We can't cope.


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What a crowd in Boston as per usual ! Cheers kiss 108 for having me #iHeartJingleBall 📸 @christiantierney

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Niall announced on social media that his second album Heartbreak Weather is out this March 13th.

He shared the news with his 22.8 million Instagram followers, 'I have worked so hard on this album for the last 18 months and I am soooo ready to release it.'

And we are soooo ready to hear it.

No Judgement

Niall also dropped a new song called No Judgement alongside a music video today.

The accompanying video is very strange - but hey, no judgement here!

It begins with Niall dressed in a tuxedo, sitting on a red chair, addressing the camera.


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PINK to make the girls wink @nbcsnl 📸 @christiantierney

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The Irish singer says, "There comes a time in the mating cycle of humans when the need to impress is replaced by a period called, 'No Judgement.'"

He leans into the camera lens, "And let me tell you something; it gets a little bit strange..."

The video skips to a scene of a hand reaching into a fish bowl to collect a set of fake teeth.

An elderly couple are seen dancing inside a yellow building.

Niall is shown watching from a balcony above as he sings the song.


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Sydney! Loved every minute of it. See ya next year x 📸 @christiantierney

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The man and woman are later shown sitting on chairs outside the house.

She props her bare feet up on his lap and he begins to paint her toe nails.

This is where it gets weird - prawns are wedged between each toe.

The couple begin to eat the prawns from her toes as Niall looks on in disgust.

He sings, "When you're with me no judgement, you can get that from anyone else..."

Watch the full music video below:

Just 35 days to go until the release of Heartbreak Weather!

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