Lily Allen, who? Singer reveal...


Lily Allen, who? Singer reveals mortifying case of mistaken identity

Lucy Carol Norris
Lucy Carol Norris

01:37 26 Mar 2024

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Lily Allen revealed she had been mistaken for fellow British pop princess, Rita Ora, on a night out in London.

The 38-year-old The Fear hitmaker detailed one of her most embarrassing moments while reminiscing over her early days in the spotlight.

She explained that she had been enjoying an evening at London's Chiltern Fire-house when a doorman introduced her to a famous couple - but got her identity completely wrong.


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Lily was pulled in the direction of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's table and was presented to them by the staff member as Rita.

Frozen, she remembers being too mortified to correct the mistake and went along with the faux pas until Rita's then boyfriend Ricky Hilfiger saved the day.

She told her Miss Me? podcast listeners: 'I went out with Mark Ronson and he’d sort of vanished.

'There was a guy who used to be the maître d’ of the Chiltern Firehouse. He came running up to me. I was standing on my own, and to the right of me were Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.


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'He grabbed my arm and said, "Darling! What are you doing here on your own?" Then he introduced me to Ashton and Mila but called me Rita Ora.'

She continued: 'I went along with it, didn’t correct him. I stood there dying inside and didn’t have the confidence to say, "Actually, no, that’s not who I am".

'The guy went off, and 15 minutes later he came running over and was like, "Rita, Rita, I’ve seen Ricky, your boyfriend. He’s looking for you".'

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