Justin Bieber Releases New Sin...


Justin Bieber Releases New Single, 'Yummy'

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SPIN 1038

10:49 3 Jan 2020

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Justin Bieber, 'Yummy'

Justin Bieber has released his new single, 'Yummy', including a lyric video to accompany the track.

It is his first solo release since 2015 and is to be the lead song for his fifth studio album that will be released later this year.

'Yummy' marks the beginning of #Bieber2020, for which we have been given three dates so far to expect news from the singer:

January 3rd, January 4th and January 27th.


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Now. January 3. January 4 noon. January 27 noon.

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In an announcement on his Instagram, Justin Bieber revealed that #Bieber2020 will also include an album, a tour and an upcoming docu-series, Justin Bieber: Seasons.

The YouTube series will start on January 27th.

Tomorrow, January 4th is the next announcement. Could it be the album or tour news?

Not long until we find out!

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