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Stay Close Star James Nesbitt Reveals He Loved Filming Netflix Hit

Alan Young
Alan Young

04:09 5 Jan 2022

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Stay Close's Leading man James Nesbitt has told SPIN he “loved Filming” Netflix’s Hit Mystery-thriller.

Stay Close is a new Crime drama from writer Harlan Coben. The thrilling Netflix flick depicts the lives of a photojournalist, a soccer mom, and a homicide detective whose past comes back to haunt them.

James chatted with SPINs own Sarina Bellissimo to discuss his latest hit drama Stay Close, in which he plays a detective on the hunt for a possible serial killer.

If you haven’t binged watched it yet, you just won’t see the twists and turns coming.

Watch Sarina’s full interview with James below.

On working with famed writer Harlan on Stay Close, who also created hits like The Stranger, James said, “I spoke to him for a long time before I did it”.

“He was just so kind of elusive, brilliant and vibrant but also quite trusting of what he thought I might do with his character”.

Stay Close: A Love Story Amidst Horror

While filming the show James got to reunite with fellow screen start Sarah Paris, having worked with her before on Monroe.

He loved that they already knew each other and would have no problems with on-screen chemistry.

We are both “actors who know each other and enjoy spending time together…but also respect and trust each other”.

Adding, “We just thought this could be really lovely…it was just so wonderful to be a part of a love story”.

Courtesy of Netflix UK & Ireland


James hoped the series would be a success and it is.

When asked what he hopes viewers will get from the thrilling mystery of the crime drama, he said “I hope that people will watch and as harrowing as some of it is I hope they think ‘oh’ love really still does burn”.

Adding the beautiful message that “love is ageless”.

James sings briefly in the series and when asked what he’d like to work on next, he said a “Netflix musical extravaganza, Sweeney Todd or something like that”.

Stay Close is available to stream on Netflix.

In the interview, James also revealed that Bloodland’s Season 2 starts filming on January 26.

Read the full story here.

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