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James Nesbitt Confirms Bloodlands Season 2 Starts Filming This January

Alan Young
Alan Young

11:15 5 Jan 2022

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James Nesbitt has confirmed that Bloodland’s season 2 starts filming on January 26.

The Northern Irish crime drama proved a massive success with audiences when it first launched last year.

James sat down with SPINs own Sarina Bellissimo to discuss his latest hit drama Stay Close, in which he plays a detective on the hunt for a possible serial killer.

If you haven’t binged watched it yet, you just won’t see the twists and turns coming.

Watch Sarina’s full chat with James below.

Season one of Bloodlands followed the story of Detective Chief Inspector Tom Brannick, played by James, as he became embroiled in an historic serial killer case from the Good Friday Agreement era.

During their chat James confirmed that filming for season two is about to start and we can expect six episodes. Two more than season one.

On returning to Filming, James said, “I read the first three scripts [and] I think they’re brilliant”.

“I think it’s gonna be better”, than season one.

James thinks it’s a complicated storyline that will keep fans hooked and that he’s, “excited” to start filming.

Working With Jed Mercurio

James also revealed he loved working with Line of Duty and Bodyguard creator Jed Mercurio, who executive produces Bloodlands.

James dubbed Jed, “talented”, saying, “he’s brilliant, he’s got a wonderful mind, he’s so authentic”.

“He’s an understanding of detail, and his medical background brings so much to him”.

Jed’s “got a real forensic obsession with authenticity”, which is just what we want with any crime drama.

bloodlands Courtesy of BBC/RTÉ


Following its dramatic, and open-ended ending viewers were left wanting more, with the BBC confirming that they'd commissioned more episodes of the show.

Chris Brandon has also been confirmed as the writer of season two of the show.

Season one of Bloodlands is available to stream on the RTÉ player.

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