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PLAN B WATCH: After Life's Tony Way And Mandeep Dhillon

Jessica Maciel
Jessica Maciel

04:24 9 Mar 2019

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Tony Way and Mandeep Dhillon

Ricky Gervais is back with a new series, premiering on Netflix on Friday, After Life.

Tony Way and Mandeep Dhillon star alongside the actor and today they joined Sarina on Plan B.

What's it like working with Ricky Gervais?

Many of the actors in this series are people Ricky has worked with before.

Two such actors are Mandeep Dhillon and Tony Way.

For Mandeep, the chance to work with Ricky again, the important topics raised in this series, and the fact that it’s just a beautiful series is the reason why she jumped at the chance to be a part of  After Life.

For Tony, it’s simply because Ricky asked. “It could have been anything and I would have said yes”, said Tony.


Actors like working with Ricky because he puts his trust in them.

“A lot of the parts were written with people in mind … He involved us and that was nice. We were able to help shape the character but we can’t take credit for the funny lines.” commented Tony.

Both actors took a lot of lessons away from this series, including being responsible for your own life and not living with regrets.

During our chat, Mandeep and Tony also spoke about how they feel about the world of celebrity and fame.

Tony also shared what it was like working on Game of Thrones. “I saw it become huge. I was in season 2, had a season off and then went back and it was insane!

It was suddenly the biggest thing in the world.

I haven’t really cashed in on that yet, but that will be a part of my retirement plan.” he joked.

As much as he enjoyed working on Game of Thrones, both himself and Mandeep, loved working on After Life and are hoping that a second season is in the works.

If it is, they will definitely be back for that!

Watch their full interview

Season one of After Life lands on Netflix on Friday 8th March 2019.

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