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Love Island Food Challenge Scrapped For 2022 Season

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

08:31 27 May 2022

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Love Island food challenge

The iconic yet disgusting food challenge has been scrapped from this summer's Love Island.

Executive producer Mike Spencer confirmed the news in a Reddit Q&A.


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The food challenge has been around since the show first aired all those years ago.

Sure, it's become a Love Island staple, but that doesn't mean we like it. It's really gross.

The challenge sees Islanders pass food through their mouths to win a reward from producers.


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Just last year, the challenge was to recreate a roast dinner by using their mouths to pass the items from one plate to another.

And with every roast dinner there's gravy, vegetables and meat. Ew.

Anyway, Spencer has reassured us we don't have to worry about that this year.

A fan of the show asked him to end the challenge and he replied:

'We are stepping away from the food challenges as we know them.'

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