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Harriett Will 'Lose Hope' In Ronnie On Tonight's Love Island

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

12:44 17 Jun 2024

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We do love a bit of drama.

After last week's love triangle tension, Harriett is set to 'lose hope' in her connection with Ronnie on tonight's Love Island. 

On last night's episode, Ronnie had viewers raging as he flirted with new girl Tiffany in front of Harriett. He even went as far as to say he enjoyed kissing her.

Afterwards, he left the villa to take part in a sleepover challenge in Casa Amor with Tiffany, acting like Harriett didn't exist.

Viewers were disgusted, calling for him to be removed from the villa as his behaviour towards Harriett was labelled as 'cruel.'


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What's happening on Love Island tonight?

In a first look at tonight's episode, Harriett seems to feel the same as viewers about Ronnie's actions.

She'll be seen confiding in Sean, saying, “Surely Ronnie is not going to jump from Jess, jump to me and then jump to Tiffany when he doesn’t even know the girl. Actually, surely not?”

Sean replies, “The thing is with Ronnie, is he going to do that with every single person that comes in?”

Harriett says, “I think for me I just want to know, it’s the anticipating and the waiting around that's doing me in a bit. It says more about him than it does me.”


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Ronnie's interest in Tiffany - and kissing her as part of a challenge - is just the latest in the drama he's been involved in within the villa.

Last week, we saw him caught up in a love triangle with Jess and Harriett.

Jess was praised online for deciding to take herself out of the situation, saying “I’m not in no triangle my love, the guy needs to get a grip.”


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That didn't manage to resolve the bad feelings between both women though, as Harriett was dared during a challenge to kiss the islander she found "the most untrustworthy."

She gave Jess a peck, with Jess telling her "the feeling is mutual."

Will Ronnie's sleepover antics be the last straw for Harriett though? 👀

We'll find out tonight on Love Island from 9pm on Virgin Media Two.

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