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Here's What Nas & Eva Had To Say After They Were Dumped From Love Island

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01:44 11 Feb 2020

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Nas & Eva dumped

Nas and Eva were the second couple to leave the Love Island Villa during last night's shock dumping.

The public voted for their least compatible couples.

This saw Rebecca and Jordan sent home - no surprises there.

But just as the Islanders thought the drama was over for one night, Nas and Eva we're also voted out.

Let's check out what they had to say. Up first is Nas:

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At the start of your time in the villa, did you fear you didn’t have enough ‘sauce’?

In all honesty, I always trusted in my sauce… I’m the kind of person that grows on you. Not necessarily, straight off the bat will you think, this guy’s for me, but I will grow on you. I’m humble, I’m not a 10 out of 10, but my personality is a 10 out of 10. When Demi and Eva came in straight for me, I was thinking, how times have changed!

Are you surprised that viewers were so invested in your journey?

It’s a massive surprise to me, I’m just little old me. I was in there to find love and it’s really sweet and it’s really nice to know that people were backing me.

How did you feel when Demi came in?

I was obviously very flattered. She said, ‘I’ve only got eyes for you’. She’s a lovely, lovely girl. I really do respect her. In such a short space of time we went through quite a lot of high-stake decisions, high-emotion decisions and she was really considerate. I cannot fault her.

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But was it out of sight, out of mind when you were in Casa Amor?

Going into Casa Amor, she was at the forefront of my mind on day one. But yeah, out of sight, out of mind. When you do have a genuine connection with someone else, it’s impossible to ignore that. I really had to go with my heart over my head.

If the other boys hadn’t turned their heads, would you have?

I don’t really take into consideration my peers. I don’t feel peer pressure. Callum coupling up with Molly probably did help soften the blow to a certain extent, but I feel like I still would have made that same decision as I do genuinely feel like me and Eva really do get along.

Do you have any regrets or would you have done anything differently?

The only thing I would do differently is not kiss Eva on the first night in the main villa. In my defence, me and Eva were talking under the covers, when it was light, I think Demi assumed we were kissing which is when she got upset. But we actually tried to be a bit more respectful and try and kiss silently, when the lights were off… out of sight, you couldn’t hear us. But at the same time, to explain that to Demi was still a kick in the teeth. So I’ll hold my hands up, I do apologise.

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In Casa Amor did you have your eye on anyone other than Eva?

I really only had eyes for Eva. I had a top one, not top three.

Have you talked about a future together with Eva?

The fact that she is affectionate with me is really encouraging. There’s no real pressure on it at this point. We are from similar areas back home, we do get on like a house on fire. She’d fit in really well with my friends… I feel like she’s the female version of me. She just dishes it out, the banter, it’s really nice, we bounce off each other, it’s not soppy all the time. I’m excited to see what the future holds. The whole purpose of Love Island is to find someone you have a genuine connection with.

Were you impressed with how Demi reacted and dealt with the situation with Eva?

She made me feel so comfortable - that’s admirable, as it can’t have been easy for her standing there single. I felt awful. She dealt with it so maturely and she was so considerate of mine and Eva’s situation. The fact they got on as well really made me appreciate how big of a character and how nice Demi is.

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Were you jealous when Demi kissed Luke M?

I feel like those two are the sweetest most genuine people I’ve ever met in my life and they will make, fingers crossed, the loveliest Love Island couple to ever exist because they are so bubbly and so sweet. I feel like they both deserve it as well. Fingers crossed it does work out for those two.

Which couple is being the most genuine?

Luke T and Si​â​nnise. The second Luke T came in, it was like a different ball game. She had a smile on her face 24/7. He is possibly one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. I would love them to win.

Who is playing a game?

I see everyone through rose-tinted glasses. I don’t think anyone’s playing a game. Finn and Paige have been going strong for a while, but there’s so many couples coming through the ranks that could potentially blossom, so it is an exciting time.

What was your favourite moment in the villa?

When Sean Paul came in! That was surreal. I high-fived him. I was like, I’m never going to wash this hand again,’ and then five minutes later I was eating cheese and onion crisps...!

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Would you go back in if you could?

Yeah, I’d 100 per cent do it again. It was such a fun, novel experience. I’ve never done anything like this. It was exciting to wake up every day and you don’t know what’s coming next.

How would you sum up your time on Love Island?

A once in a lifetime experience. The team are probably the nicest bunch of people I’ve ever met. Everyone has made me feel so welcome and valued – that’s a massive credit to everyone.

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Up next Eva:

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Do you have any regrets or would you have done anything differently in the villa?

I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I think everything that I did was genuine. I did say that going for Nas was a risk, especially with the Demi situation, and I remember saying ‘With risk comes reward.’ We’ve been booted out, but at least I left with Nas. We have a genuine connection and we do get along so well. I’m excited to see where things go. I have no regrets. I followed my heart at the end of the day.

Did you have your eye on anyone else in the Casa Amor villa?

Initially going in, I liked Mike and Nas. Luke M and Luke T very pleasantly surprised me too, I got along with Luke T really well. The first day, I fancied him a little bit but then it turned into more of a bro and sis thing. With Luke M he was so lovely but personality-wise, I needed a bit more and Nas is the life and soul of the villa so I was drawn to him and we gravitated towards each other.

Did you think Nas’s head would turn for you?

It was difficult because he told me he went through a lot with Demi and they were together before I came into Casa Amor. I felt like Demi had time on her side that I didn’t have but I think when we had a conversation in Casa Amor, that was when I realised he did like me. I was quietly confident but I didn’t want to start packing my bags just in case he had a last minute change of heart! Towards the end and when it got to the recoupling, I was quietly confident.

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Were you worried about going back into the Main Villa?

I was shocked, I thought that Demi would have found someone that she liked and coupled up with them. I didn’t think it was that serious with her and Nas for her to have waited for him. Obviously it was gutting to see her standing on her own, it would have been easier for me, and I would have felt less bad, if she had coupled up with someone so that was tough.

How did you feel about how Demi handled the situation?

Demi was amazing, I was so shocked because I didn’t really know how she would act when I walked back in with Nas. She came over to me and just introduced herself, I thought that was so nice. She was so bubbly, so lovely and she kept that throughout. I could not fault her with the way she acted. She is a better person than I am! I couldn’t say I’d have been that nice.

Who would you say is being genuine as a couple?

Molly and Callum. I think they are really good and they get along so well. I can just see exactly how they work and how they would work once they leave the villa. I also think Si​â​nnise and Luke T are genuine. Luke is absolutely besotted by Si​â​nnise. The whole time we were in Casa Amor, I did not see him smile as much as when we got back to the main villa. I was also so happy when I got to the villa and saw Paige was staying single, I was so happy for Finn. I knew how Finn felt about Paige so I just felt like a proud mum! I was really excited but then when Shaughna was giving her speech and I knew that Callum was coming in with Molly, that was awful because I knew that he was coming in with someone else and she didn’t.

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Whose actions in the villa surprised you the most?

I would say Luke T surprised me the most. I think the first day he seemed excited about Casa Amor and the new girls but then the second day he was like, no I like Si​â​nnise over these new girls. That shocked me because originally I thought his head might potentially turn.

How would you sum up your time on the show?

Short but sweet! I had a really good time, I don’t regret anything that I did, I stayed true to myself. I feel like I’ve made really good friends but I do wish I was still in there for a little bit longer. I’d stay if I could!

Do you see a future with Nas?

Yes. I want to take things slow because being together 24/7, I feel like I’ve known him for three years and it’s been a week! I don’t want to rush too much into things but I wouldn’t be with him the way I am if I didn’t see something so I do see a future with him.

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The Islanders are moving on in tonight's episodes.

And it's dates for Demi and Shaughna with new boy Jamie.

Check out the spoilers here.

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