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5 Things You Should Watch On Netflix This Weekend

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SPIN 1038

12:31 9 Jun 2017

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If you over did it last weekend on the Bank Holiday and you need to recharge the batteries, Netflix will 100 percent keep you entertained. 

We've five Netflix originals that you should feast your eyes on. 

Round up your mates, get the onesies out and don't forget to stock up on snacks beforehand. 

Happy binging! 

Orange is the New Black (Season 5)

The halls of Litchfield have never been as dramatic. All episodes are available now. 

Flaked (Season 2) 

Chip returns to Venice after a short exile and finds that he is persona non grata. No store, no friends, not even a guest house to live in, it’s a long road back to the way things were. 

House of Cards (Season 5)

The Underwoods are back. 

Shimmer Lake 

Unfolding in reverse time, this darkly comic crime thriller follows a local sheriff hunting three bank robbery suspects, one of whom is his brother. 

Orphan Black (Season 5) Coming  Sunday June 11th

In the final season, Sarah and her sisters scramble to protect Kira from Neolutionists and unravel a mystery that stretches back more than a century.

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