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Topshop's Latest Trouser Range Has Confused Shoppers

SPIN 1038
SPIN 1038

04:06 25 Apr 2017

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These trousers have divided opinion to say the very least.

Now, we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but these trousers are failing to please anyone by the looks of things. 

A few weeks ago, Topshop tested the waters with their jeans that had plastic knee patches. 

They have now added to their list of things that will get a reaction with their latest offering - see through plastic jeans. 

As you can imagine, social media has been reacting. Usually Twitter tends to showcase a long archive of dramatic responses. However, we feel that each response to these so called trousers are completely justified. 

One person has made a clever yet incredibly gross observation about them. *Shudders*

And don't even get us started on these ones. This pair is another day's article...

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