Spunout Asking Young People To...


Spunout Asking Young People To 'BeReal With How YouFeel'


12:20 8 Sep 2022

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BeReal With How YouFeel

Spunout, in partnership with Pluto The Agency, has launched their innovative BeReal With How YouFeel campaign.

They're the first ever organisation in Ireland to use the BeReal app as a communications tool.

The campaign aims to showcase positive uses of social media for young people’s mental health.

What's BeReal?

BeReal is all the rage right now!

It's a social media app that notifies you once a day to take a photo and share it with your friends.

The catch? You have to post when you're notified in order to capture your real life, and people can see if you're late. Also, there are no filters.

What are spunout doing?

In a first of its kind campaign, spunout are asking young people to use their daily BeReal moment to be honest with their friends about how they’re feeling.

They're hoping this will create deeper connections amongst friends without the filters, glitz and glam of typical social media.

It also brings the youth of Ireland together so that they feel less alone.

How to get involved

When the BeReal notification pops up, post immediately and use the caption to say, honestly, how you feel.

Good, bad, happy or sad, make sure to share, open up, listen and talk.

And tag #BeRealWithHowYouFeel

The integrated campaign will live primarily on the BeReal app, and be supported by influencers across Instagram and TikTok.

Some of the popular names involved include Caoimhe Byrne (@therealcraic) and James Doyle (@jamesdoylefitnes).

If you’d like to talk to a trained volunteer about your mental health or how you’re feeling, simply text the word BeReal to 50808 for free anytime 24/7.

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