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Friends Voted Most Influential Show For Personal Style

Jonathan Byrne
Jonathan Byrne

11:31 12 May 2022

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From Phoebe's coats to Rachel's skirts, Friends has been a trendsetter.

Friends has been voted the most influential show when it comes to personal style.

That's according to a survey conducted in the London Independent.

The first episode of the iconic sitcom aired almost 30 years ago.

The fashion choices and outfits of the cast seem to have had a lasting effect to this day.

Speaking to EW in 2019, costume designer Debra McGuire spoke about each character's look.

"I’m interested in creating something that no one’s ever seen before," she said about designing the cast's clothes.

“I wanted the six of them, that were together most of the time in the space, to look really amazing together."

"What I decided to do from the beginning in creating these characters was to give everybody (their own) palette."

There were many iconic outfits throughout the 10 seasons of the show, from Monica's button-downs to Chandler's oversized shirts.

Peaky Blinders and Love Island also featured in the top 5 when it came to fashion influence.

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