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Couple Host Wedding At McDonald's Amid The Global Pandemic


10:46 4 Nov 2020

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A McDonald's wedding

A couple in the U.K. hosted their wedding at a McDonald's.

It's after their original plans were cancelled due to the global pandemic.

They shared details of the wedding with Tyla Online this week.


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27-year-old Melissa Russell and 26-year-old Shannon McKenna had been engaged for six years.

They had planned a marquee celebration in their garden to mark the big day.

But due to coronavirus restrictions, they decided to book a hotel instead.

Unfortunately, that didn't work out and their wedding was cancelled a week after booking.

Melissa's dad is unwell, so they wanted to make sure he was there to walk her down the aisle.

For that reason, they didn't want to postpone the wedding.

Melissa, who works at McDonald's, told her boss Kate everything.

And she was shocked when Kate offered her the restaurant for the wedding.

The wedding celebrations

The couple ended up tying the knot in Chatelherault Country House, South Lanarkshire.

After the ceremony, they headed to McDonald's for the reception.

Guests were treated to a three course meal from the restaurant.

For starters, they were given the option of Mozzarella Dippers or Chicken Selects.

They were allowed choose anything off the menu for main course.

And for dessert, they were offered ice cream sundaes in crystal glasses or apple pie and ice cream.


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Melissa told Tyla Online, 'It was an absolutely fabulous day.'

'Kate is such a lovely, helpful person and she went above and beyond.'

'She did so many things we didn't expect, she got the tables decorated.'

Melissa continued, 'We had a three course meal with cutlery, there was a choice of starters which were served on a bed of salad.'

'I think the guests were more excited about having a sit-down meal at McDonald's.'

'My colleagues treated me like a princess, they waited on us hand and foot'

Congratulations Melissa and Shannon!

Meanwhile, McDonald's have launched a brand new app with a variety of offers available.

Read more here.

Cover photo: Twitter @McDonaldsIRL

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