WATCH: Chris Hemsworth Shares...


WATCH: Chris Hemsworth Shares Makeshift Home Workout Routine Using Cans Of Soup


10:03 24 Apr 2020

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Chris Hemsworth's home workout

Chris Hemsworth appeared on The Ellen Show this week to share his makeshift home workout with viewers.

If you want to give it a shot, all you'll need is two cans of soup, a laundry basket and washing detergent.

Ellen asked her executive producer Andy to virtually workout with Chris.

As the Hollywood actor effortlessly exercised, the same couldn't be said for Ellen's poor producer.

Chris showed Andy how to squat using a laundry basket and Ellen pointed out, "[Chris] has already done six, you have done two."


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The next workout involved two cans of soup followed by washing detergent.

Chris started doing bicep curls with the detergent and it was clear at this point that Andy had given up.

Ellen joked at the end of the video, "It's hard for me to tell who's who anymore!"

Think you'd do better than Andy?

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