Taylor Swift Fan Who Went Vira...


Taylor Swift Fan Who Went Viral For Bawling Addresses The Backlash!

Shannon Keenan
Shannon Keenan

03:22 1 Mar 2024

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Madison Blackband, the mega Swiftie who went viral for bursting into tears outside a Taylor Swift concert has spoken out about the "embarrassing" moment.

Madison and her pals filmed themselves sitting outside of Sydney's Accor Stadium listening to the 'Bejeweled' singer and later posted their reaction on TikTok.

In the short clip Madison can be seen dramatically bawling into her friends arms when Taylor began singing 'Exile' as a surprise song...

Speaking to the Rolling Stone, Madison addressed the backlash online: “There’s no point letting it upset me. I reacted the way I reacted. I know my friends weren’t judging me. That’s just me. I’m just a passionate person."

"The opinion of people thinking that it’s embarrassing and stuff doesn’t mean anything to me because I never thought it was and I’m not going to think it is now just because someone says I should."

"I understand why people are laughing at it. I laughed at the video myself once I first watched it back.”

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