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SPIN Chats To Irish Actor Damian McGinty About His Experience On Glee

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

11:10 16 Jun 2021

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SPIN chats to Damian McGinty

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with Glee actor, and Northern Ireland singer, Damian McGinty for a chat recently.

He made his debut appearance in the show's third season as Irish character Rory Flanagan.


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Damian described his experience filming Glee as, "so real, so challenging and all-consuming."

"It was a 10-week process where they took our phones away, they took our laptops away."

"We were in the mountains in California for 10 weeks in dorms."


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"So we were kind of slumming it a little bit... that's what they kind of do with those shows."

"Like, where you stay isn't the best, so therefore maybe like, your mentality isn't as fresh and as strong as it should be."

"So they get like, not necessarily drama... it probably is drama," he thought.

Damian explained, "Because people are so high on edge all the time."

He added that he can't believe it's been over 10 years since the show premiered on TV.

"I can't even begin to understand how it is 10 years but that just shows you how fast time goes."


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Damian's first day on set

Sarina asked him about his first day on set.

Damian said he was, "really frightened," even though he would never usually be, "intimidated easily."

He pointed out how the whole cast had just finished filming season two, "which had broke ratings on television."

He added, "And they also just got back from a 40-city tour across the world that they did in those six weeks where you don't film."

"They are at their absolute pinnacle of fame and success on that show."

"So it was kind of scary. A lot of them were very nice."

The 28-year-old said that he personally never had any trouble with anyone, "They were all very welcoming and nice."

"A lot of them were very stand-offish as well, which I totally understood."

"But that's not the Irish way, we're not you know, stand-offish."


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His first scene

Damian said he had to perform in front of the entire cast for one of his first scenes.

He said it was terrifying even though he wasn't, "a major fanboy," he just, "enjoyed the show," and, "loved watching it."

Sarina asked him how he looks back on that time in his life, and he admitted, "fondly."

He admitted there are a few things he would have done differently if he went back today.

Damian added, "it's always now tinted with a bit of sadness because there's so much tragedy that's gone on with that cast."

In his interview with Sarina, the singer also talked about his new music, growing up in Ireland and more.

Watch the full chat here:

Damian's brand new single Those Were The Days is out now.

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