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The Mystery Man In The Background Of J.Lo's Instagram Post Has Been Explained


10:55 21 May 2020

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J.Lo's freaky Instagram post explained

Fans have been freaking out after they noticed a man lurking in the background of J.Lo's latest Instagram post.

But fans need not worry, a source close to Lopez has explained exactly what's going on in the picture.

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J.Lo shared a picture of herself in her home gym with the caption, 'If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you…'

While many gushed over her beauty, others were more distracted by the man in the background.

If you look closely behind the artist's right shoulder, you'll see the face floating next to the curtains.


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If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you… #CamoFriday @niyamasol

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A source close to the artist told E! News that J.Lo's partner Alex Rodriguez is to blame for the mishap.

It turns out he was on a Zoom call behind the curtains when his fiancée took her mirror selfie.

And the freaky floating head, is the face of the person Alex was video chatting.

The insider explained, 'If you look closely you can see Alex's arm in a navy blue shirt.'

Their gym is attached to their office but is separated by the curtains shown in the picture.

'He's sitting in front of their desk with the big screen on it, so the image of the person you're seeing is who is on his Zoom call.'

For those wondering why the man is wearing a face mask, he's not.

The source revealed he just happened to cover his mouth with his hand at that particular moment.

His timing is impeccable!


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