Miley Cyrus Admits To Working...


Miley Cyrus Admits To Working Out In Heels!

Shannon Keenan
Shannon Keenan

02:10 6 Jun 2024

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Wearing heels in the gym sounds like an accident waiting to happen!

While Miley Cyrus's Godmother Dolly Parton admits to wearing fluffy heels instead of slippers at home, Miley says she likes to wear platforms while hitting the gym.

Speaking to W magazine she said: "My mantra is, like any athlete, ‘Practice how you perform’ so that’s why I practice in my heels."



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The Grammy winner continued: “The gym looks really tough, but then I’ve got my ivory Gucci sling backs because they remind me of Marilyn Monroe.

“I train in heels mostly. I’m interested in feminising the workout space, because so much of the workout equipment is ugly.”

Getting me to the gym in runners is one thing, but heels, no thanks!

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