Luca Bish Confessed The Island...


Luca Bish Confessed The Islanders Know When A Text Is Coming

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

10:40 28 Jun 2023

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I'm not sure if I'm surprised?

Luca Bish is spilling the tea on what it's like living in the Love Island villa.

Chatting with OK!, he said "you soon cotton on" to when a text is coming – because the islanders don't tend to carry their phones with them.

“Someone goes into the villa, goes to the toilet, or go put some eyeliner on, or something like that just in the middle of the day, random little plod in there and come out with a phone.

"We know the score then, there’s going to be a text.”


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Outside of receiving texts, the islanders didn't need their phones as there was no internet access or games on them.

Luca admitted that the only thing they could do with their phones is take pictures.

"Nine times out of ten, we never really had the phones on us," he said.

It makes sense now that they would know when a text was coming – and that's not the only secret Luca's spilled either.


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What else has Luca said?

It turns out the recouplings take hours to film – and things can go wrong.

"They're a lot longer than you get shown and can go on for a few hours," Luca said.

"There were a few kind-of bloopers in our one.

"On the first night, I think Jacques accidentally sent home the wrong person or something... Someone started laughing and it didn't go down too well because someone was going home.

While it can look intense when we're watching, Luca called it "awkward" as they're sat in silence and stuck "bored off [their] heads."

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