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Love Island's Lucie Donlan Opens Up About Her Relationship With Joe Garratt

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

12:54 12 Sep 2019

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Lucie Donlan opens up about her relationship

Joe Garratt and Lucie Donlan met in the Love Island villa earlier this summer.

Their coupling fell apart when he was dumped from the island and she decided to stay on without him.

However, they rekindled their romance on the outside and Lucie opens up about it in a new interview this week.


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Lucky to have you...❤️ @josephgarratt #Jucie

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The former islander chats to MailOnline about their journey so far.

'We were together at the beginning [of Love Island] for like two weeks, so we didn’t properly know each other...'

'You don’t get to know someone fully within two weeks.'

'When we both came out, we went on a few dates and reconnected.'

'We were friends but we were also secretly dating on the down low...'

'Which was nice as we got to know each other without the pressure.'

'In the villa, you get to know each other so well...'

'But after the show, you really get to see what your lives are like and you can meet each other’s families.'

'I showed Joe what I do in my spare time and vice versa, which has been so nice.'


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'We shared a bed on the first night and I thought that was quite full-on.'

Lucie and Joe are taking things slow, 'We’d love to plan a nice holiday.'

'I’ve never moved in with a boyfriend and to be honest we’re definitely too young for that.'


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'I couldn’t be away from the beach and I’ve still got a lot of work up here.'

'So it’s nice to have our own space and keep our relationship chill.'

Lucie doesn't talk to Tommy anymore

Tommy made his appearance as a bombshell arrival a few days into the series.

He expressed his interest in Lucie however, she was coupled up with Joe at the time.

This however, didn't stop him from choosing her in a re-coupling.

They spent the week getting to know each other as Joe looked on in anger.

When it came to it, Lucie decided to stick it out with Joe.

Tommy went on to find love with new girl Molly-Mae.

When Joe was dumped from the villa, Lucie approached Tommy for a chat.

She told him she had feelings for him but he stayed loyal to Molly-Mae and turned the surfer down.


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Out in NYC.

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Lucie reveals they not longer talk to each other on the outside.

'I haven’t kept in contact with them since leaving the villa...'

'They’ve obviously been really busy which is good for them.'


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The surfer has however, kept in touch with some of the girls.

'I’ve been really close in Belle, we got a completely different personalities but we really get each other.'

'I’ve spoken to Joanna and I’ve also kept in touch with Maura too, but she’s a bit busy.'

'It’s been really nice to have them girly friends from the show.'


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She didn’t come to play... Who do you think Curtis is going to couple up with? #LoveIsland #TeamMaura

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Her friendship with Amy Hart

Lucie and Amy became best friends at the start of their Love Island journey.

However, their relationship turned sour when Amy accused Lucie of spending more time with the boys than the girls.

She's asked about her relationship with the former air-hostess.

'When we were in the villa, we were only close for only one or two days...'


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'Everyone was getting on during that time as the experience was new and exciting.'

'You find your real friends when you get to know each other.'

Meanwhile, Love Island's India has been fighting allegations she cheated on Ovie.

Read more here.

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