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Justin Bieber Discusses The Photos Of Him Crying In Public With Wife Hailey


10:35 18 Feb 2020

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Justin Bieber talks crying in public

Justin Bieber made headlines in summer 2018 when he was photographed crying in public with his partner Hailey.

In his latest episode of Seasons, the singer addresses the photos and discusses how he was feeling at the time.

"I'm just being a normal person and crying."

Justin is frustrated that he can't be a normal person and cry in public without being hounded by the media.

He says, "When I'm in the media and I look at things on the Internet and people are like, 'Justin's upset, why is he upset?'"


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Vacation officially over back to reality

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Justin continues, "It's like they don't give me permission to be upset."

"I don't have permission to be, you know, human and shed tears."

Justin points out, "There's so many people every day who are in a conversation with their girl or their wife or their mom and they break down, you know? But they don't have cameras capturing it."

"So people are like, ‘Is he okay, is he having a mental breakdown?' And I'm just emotional… And that's okay."


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please be my New Years kiss even when I’m 80!!!

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Hailey joins in

Justin's wife Hailey points out that everybody has good an bad days, even Justin Bieber.

She says, "It doesn't really matter who you are, everybody's going to have days where they feel crappy and they don't feel like pushing through that day but it's part of life."


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My forever valentine

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Justin shares how he felt at that exact moment, "I remember just struggling."

He adds, "I remember feeling, like, emotionally, just overwhelmed and talking to her, not knowing how to communicate certain things and just feeling kind of, like, frustrated."


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got some wedding pics back today from @joetermini ❤️❤️ best memory..

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Justin grew up in the spotlight and in many ways, it's had a negative impact on his life.

He says, "You know, there's been a lot of things that have happened in my life."

"I think this was a point in my life where I was just like, so overwhelmed."

Justin recently broke down in tears talking about Billie Eilish.

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