It Turns Out, Callum Once Call...


It Turns Out, Callum Once Called Jess His Least Favourite Islander

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

01:36 22 Feb 2024

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Is this awkward or hilarious?

A video has resurfaced and it looks like Callum Jones might have some explaining to do to Jess Gale.

The pair met on Love Island 2020, when Jess came in fourth place while Callum was dumped on day 38. Finn Tapp and Paige Turley were crowned as the winners on day 44.

That year, Callum was asked during a podcast who his 'least favourite islander' was from that series. Georgia Steel was also on the podcast and clarified it could be someone he wasn't 'as close to' rather than being malicious.

Callum stalled, saying, "Who I weren't close to..."

Joe Garratt cut in with, "You know you've got a name in your head, you just don't want to say it!"

Callum said, "Maybe the twins (Jess and Eve Gale)."

Did Callum and Jess win Love Island: All Stars?

Callum and Jess came second in Love Island: All Stars, with Molly and Tom being crowned the winners.

The pair have opened up about their future together as they plan to 'see how it goes naturally.' With Jess living in London and Callum in Manchester, they're going to travel to see one another.

But Callum said there's 'no pressure' as they want to spend time dating.


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When it came to being in Love Island: All Stars, Callum admitted that he didn't have the best time before Jess arrived in the villa.

Initially, it was 'a bit confusing' for him to see his ex Molly again. But once Jess was in the picture, he called it 'plain sailing.'

For Jess, it was a whirlwind. She said, 'I coupled up with Callum very quickly and from then onwards we didn’t have an argument or anything. It was really good, we just got on very well.

'It was smooth and fun - I actually had a lovely time.'

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