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Here's Everything We Know About Taylor Swift's Fiction Novel

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

02:15 15 Feb 2024

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We're starting to wonder if she ever sleeps.

It seems like Taylor Swift is looking to become the official queen of storytelling!

After becoming the first person to win 'Album of the Year' at the Grammy's for the fourth time, we can safely say she's mastered songwriting.

But as well as already planning to direct her first feature film, Taylor is reported to have a fiction novel in the works.


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Taylor's team, TAS Rights Management, have recently trademarked a number of phrases and words.

Among those was 'A Girl Named Girl,' which was the title of the novel Taylor wrote when she was fourteen years old.

That summer, she had been staying in a 'cute little harbor town in New Jersey' but one day, a shark washed up on her dock. After seeing the shark, she was reluctant to swim there again.

She laughed, "I ended up writing a novel that summer because I wouldn’t go in the water. I locked myself in the den and wrote a book. Because of a shark!”


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What do we know about Taylor's film?

Directing is an area that Taylor seems keen to pursue.

Last year, Variety reported that she was working with Searchlight Pictures on a feature film with an original script attached.

Searchlight presidents David Greenbaum and Matthew Greenfield confirmed the news, saying, “Taylor is a once in a generation artist and storyteller. It is a genuine joy and privilege to collaborate with her as she embarks on this exciting and new creative journey."

Earlier this year, her website was updated to include a section for her directed projects, featuring music videos like Bejeweled and cardigan. 

She's even won two MTV VMAs for Best Direction — once for All Too Well: The Short Film and once for The Man. 

Well if Taylor's involved, we know it'll be great (unless it's Cats 2).

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