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Hailey Bieber Addresses Recent Paparazzi Skirt Incident In New Interview


12:38 12 Apr 2021

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Hailey Bieber talks, "disrespectful," paparazzi

Hailey Bieber has had her fair share of negative run-ins with paparazzi in her time.

And the most recent happened last month, when she thought paparazzi had taken an upskirt photo of her.

She shared exactly what happened during a chat with Dixie D'Amelio on The Early Late Show.

Hailey began by saying she really doesn't understand the concept of paparazzi, "I feel it's a really weird, invasive thing."

"What I understand is people trying to capture clothing and get these outfits shots."

"Because that's good for the people who designed the clothes and for the stylists, that I understand."

But a lot of the time, Hailey finds paparazzi to be, "invasive," and, "disrespectful."

For example, last month her husband Justin was forced to confront a photographer over concerns he had taken an upskirt photo of her.

She recalled, "I was leaving a place with my husband... and there were like curtains on either side of the entrance, and I had noticed that someone had stuck the camera under the curtain from the ground angle."

"What else are you going to see?"

"I was wearing a really short skirt, so when we got in the car I was like, 'I feel like it's a tricky angle, because I'm concerned they would have shot up my skirt.'"

"Like, what else are you going to see?" She pointed out.

According to E! News, Justin confronted the photographers, and asked, "Are you guys shooting underneath her skirt?"

One replied, "Oh my god, please, Justin... Why would someone shoot under her skirt?"

Justin replied, "That's the question, right?"

Hailey shared her side of the story, "Justin said to the paparazzi, 'Were you shooting up her skirt?'"

"And they were like, 'Oh we would never do that, why would you think that?'"

The model went on to reveal, "I've had two bad experiences where someone photographed my underwear while I was walking and they still let the photos come out."

Embarrassing paparazzi images

She added, "paparazzi are notorious for taking photos of women coming out of their cars in a dress or skirt, and there are tons of different photos on the internet where you can see their underwear."

"And they do it purposefully to embarrass them, is what it feels like."

Hailey continued, "Every day we pull out of our house, there's someone there, waiting."

"To a certain extent, you have to understand what comes with this industry and this lifestyle, but I still don't understand how people can just take photos of you without your permission."

"But it does come with the territory."

"I just try to set my boundaries with them as much as possible."

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