WATCH: Charli D'Amelio Pranks...


WATCH: Charli D'Amelio Pranks Her Sister Dixie On Her 19th Birthday


10:36 17 Aug 2020

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Charli D'Amelio pranks her sister Dixie

TikTok sensation Charli D'Amelio pranked her sister Dixie on her 19th birthday last week.

She filmed the whole thing and shared it on YouTube for her fans to watch.


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In the video, Charli goes to extreme lengths to get her sister a pair of Jordan 1 Diors worth $30,000.

She enlists the help of social media star Benjamin Kickz to hunt down the pair of shoes in size six.

He couldn't find Dixie's size in the U.S., so he had to fly to Paris to get a pair.


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Biggest in our industries so we had to do it big ‍♂️

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Benjamin delivered the shoes to Charli, who was in awe at them.

She told the social media star, "I’ve never had a pair of shoes like that where like I’m… nervous about them."

"I think she's going to love them!"


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it was a ✨happy✨ birthday...thank y’all for all the wishes

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While Benjamin and Charli were doing a TikTok video together, Dixie arrived home.

Charli told Benjamin to hide in the pantry, while her sister snooped around the house.

The TikTok star insisted her sister knew something was up.

@charlidamelio@benjaminkickz♬ original sound - makayladid

In retaliation, Charli had a McLaren arrive at the home with a ribbon around it, leading Dixie to think it's hers.

When she reacted in pure shock, the family broke the news to her that it's not actually hers at all.

They then handed her the shoe box, but they replaced the Jordan 1 Diors with Air Force 1s.

Watch the full prank below:

Happy Birthday Dixie!

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