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Faye Winter Opens Up About Finding A Lump In Her Breast

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She's hoping others will check themselves now too.

Faye Winter has opened up about her experience of finding a lump in her breast.

She had gone away on holidays a few weeks ago and while applying sun cream, she felt the lump.


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Opening up about it on her Instastories, she explained that she had been posting less online since finding it.

"I know that a lot of you have noticed that I have been quite quiet on here, especially since my girls holiday when you guys were like 'where's all [my] content?'

"I didn't want to let anyone in too soon and I didn't feel like there was a right time to speak to you guys but I feel like today is probably the day for it.

"I was putting my sun cream and I went ''oops, what is she, she is new to my body.'' And I found a little lump.

"So I went to my doctors and two weeks ago and they referred me and I'm going to have a mammogram and an ultrasound and make sure everything's OK and make sure it's nothing sinister."


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Faye attended a breast care unit yesterday (6 June) and will be back again on Thursday.

"I'm sure it's nothing and it's just a cyst or something but it has played on my mind and I haven't really been able to get it out of my mind which is fine.

"If one person has a check today then I will be so happy."

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